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Dr. Ramānand


Dr. Jhingādey Vittalpandharināth Ramānand Rāo, also known as Dr. Ramānand J.V., is a Qualified, Licensed, Board certified Homeopathic doctor, Silva Method graduate, Reiki, melchizedek and pranic healer, chiropractor and hypnotherapist.

Dr. Ramānand did his B.H.M.S. from the Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Bangalore (web-site: and his M.D.(Hom.) from Sri Sainath Post Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, Allahabad, U.P., India (web-site:, which is recognised by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi and Government of Uttar Pradesh and affiliated with Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. He now practices in Bangalore, India, but people from all over the world consult him by e-mail.

 Dr. Ramānand also teaches Meditation, how to control Stress, improve Memory & Concentration, find a most satisfying job without much effort, learn speed reading, learn remote viewing/see places far away (sitting wherever you are - with eyes closed), astral travel, learn Telepathy (mind reading/sending messages), stop smoking, lose/gain weight, improve confidence, regress to a past life (especially to solve problems that one has in this life, related to a past life), find lost objects, get answers for the unsolvable (through divination), get whatever through guided visualization (a car, a house, money etc.), E.S.P. (Clairvoyance, Sixth sense, Intuition etc.) and so on.

The Gods’ instructions and miracles: Personally,  I (Dr. Ramānand) have been constantly meditating and doing "japa", that is, chanting a "mantra (divine combination of sounds/words)" for many years and God (Lord Vishnu) possessed one of my patients and asked me what I want in the year 2012. I told Him I want "nirvāna"/"mōksha" (liberation from the death and re-birth cycle) and He said that I will first be punished for a past life sin. Some people may ask for proof/evidence for past lives/re-birth/re-incarnation - the best evidence has been the latest books by Dr. Ian Stevenson (a Westerner!), "Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects Volume 1: Birthmarks" and "Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects Volume 2: Birth Defects and Other Anomalies". The books show people with birth marks, birth defects and other anomalies due to something that happened in a past life, e.g. a man with a mark of a rope around his neck remembers that he was hanged to death in his immediate past life, another man with multiple birth-marks on his abdomen remembers that he was stabbed to death in his immediate past life, a woman with marks of fingers on her neck remembers that she was throttled to death by her husband in her immediate past life and so on. Anybody can read about them here: , here: and here: . I am now being punished through an acquaintance turned enemy, an astral projectionist (a person who can come out of his body, travel around invisibly and also possess others - Hindus call the ability to come out of one’s body and possess others, “parakaaya pravaesha” or “parkāy pravesh”, where “para” means other person, “kaaya” means body and “pravesha” means entering). However, whenever he (the astral projectionist) stabs me with a knife, the part he is stabbing becomes cold and numb, I cannot feel any pain, nor does it bleed (although other people bleed and feel the pain when he stabs them). For 5 months after Lord Vishnu spoke to me, Goddess Durga kept showing up in different forms in the night, first as an old lady, then a couple of times as Meera Bai (a Hindu, female saint, who lived in the 16th century) and finally as a golden statue, shining in the night, like real gold, in Her eight armed form, during "navraatri" - She was even blinking!

 A senior devotee at the ISKCON temple at Sripuram, Seshadripuram, Bangalore told me to pray only to Lord Krishna and avoid praying to other Gods, so I stopped praying to the other Gods. After a month, early in the morning, I saw a drawing of Lord Ganesha on the wall next to the cot I was sleeping on, with a sad face and I realised it was a mistake! I then started praying to all the Gods that I had been praying to previously. A few days later, early in the morning, I again saw a drawing of Lord Ganesha on the wall next to the cot I was sleeping on and this time it was animated, moving its hand towards the mouth and back down, repeatedly, like as if He was asking for something to eat! I then woke up, opened and kept an orange on the Gods’ pooja altar and offered it to Him, but He did not eat it, so, after about 10 minutes, I ate it myself (I think He just wanted me to eat His "prasād").

 In January 2013, the astral projectionist enticed me to come out of my body when I was half asleep (with a nude, female astral projectionist) - I prayed and got out of my body (I knew there was something wrong), but a huge, blue coloured hand pushed me back into my body, which meant that God (Lord Vishnu) did not want me to get out of my body at that moment (later He told me that astral projection is supposed to be done by sages and seers only). In March 2013, the astral projectionist called (on my mobile) and told me that he and his assets (associates) will project themselves astrally into my house and kill me, which scared me - I then prayed even more fervently to Lord Vishnu for protection and He came and stood next to me to re-assure me that He will protect me (however, I could only see the silhouette/outline of His 4 armed body). I am expecting to get liberated from this rogue psychic’s torture soon and get a proper darshan (the Lord God will appear in front of me, bless me and grant me boons I ask for) of the Lord.

 In April 2013, an Arab lady visiting India called me for stress control therapy. I visited her in her room in the Hotel and helped de-stress her. She told me that she had brought her daughter to India for psychiatric treatment as she was being raped, but that in Saudi Arabia, instead of helping the rape victim, those women are accused of adultery and stoned to death. Then, when we were talking, after her relaxation therapy, she was playing with her hair and to me, she suddenly started looking like an Arab man, playing with the cloth that hangs down from the side of an "amāmā" or Arab turban (the cloth that hangs down from such a turban is called, “shimla” - pronounced shimlā). I then closed my eyes and I could immediately recollect a whole past life story. The story in brief is that I was a young slave in Baghdad and I used to make and sell ”thazbee”s (Arabic for rosary beads - Hindus call it “japamālā”). This woman, in her past life as a man, was my “Murshid (Arabic for Guru/spiritual teacher)” and taught me how to do “zikr/dhikr” (Arabic for the process by which a muslim chants God’s name constantly, for example, "Allah-ur-Rehman-ur-Raheem"). On telling the Arab woman this story, she did not believe me, but then, I placed my hand on her head and due to His (God’s) grace, she was also able to recall that I was her “mureed (Arabic for student)” and that I was very fair. I told her that I was fair because I was captured from Azerbaijan and thereafter, sold as a slave in the Baghdad market in about the 7th century. About a week later, an Arabic word, “Zabi fanāi” came to me in a dream, early in the morning. I then called the Arab lady and asked what it is and she said it means a “technician” skilled in some craft (like carpentry, sculpting and so on) and that everyone used to call me that because I used to make “thazbee”s.

 A couple of months before, I had also met a man who I felt had stabbed me to death in a past life, when he was a Roman, Catholic soldier. I also recalled that the Roman Catholic soldiers who eliminated the last few Pagans in about the Fourth century A.D. were punished (by the Gods) for wiping out a divine religion, after that particular lifetime and one of them, still carries a, “666” mark on the back of his head, visible in this lifetime - besides having recurrent dreams of stabbing me (Dr. Ramānand) to death, in one of my past lives, when I was a Roman, Pagan priest. I recalled being killed by him in the 4th century (he was ordered to kill all the pagans by Emperor Theodosius), soon after I met him, that power of recall having been granted to me by the grace of the Gods.

 In about April 2014, just before the Indian general elections, the Indian stock market started off on a “Bull run”, but I did not know when it would end. I then had a cryptic dream which said that the “Bull run” will continue till the Indian Union Budget is presented (which is what happened, exactly).

 On 17th July, 2014, A man (identity withheld for obvious reasons) visited me, Dr. Ramānand for a past life regression. During the regression, he observed that he was Emperor Mohammed bin  Aurangzeb (anyone interested can read about him at this web-page: in one of his past lives. Later, in his next life, he was born as a poor potter (God supposedly told him that despite being the richest man in the world, he never used his wealth for any good cause and so, he will be re-born in a poor family and remain extremely poor), his wife committed suicide (because of his alcoholism and poverty) and he kept drinking, started vomiting blood and died, because he had killed the man (Mirza Badi-uz-Zaman Safavi) whose daughter (Empress Dilras Banu Begum) he married after a “Halal” cut of his (Mirza Badi-uz-Zaman Safavi’s) throat (Halāl cut of the throat means to half cut the throat and leave the victim to bleed to death), when he was Aurangzeb. The  potter’s wife was the re-incarnation of “Zubeida”, the mistress/concubine of Emperor Aurangzeb. Islam did not allow the consumption of alcohol, but Aurangzeb used to ask for water and get and drink alcohol instead. Aurangzeb also used to smoke opium through his “hukkah (a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vapourising and smoking flavoured tobacco called “shisha” in which the vapour or smoke is passed through a water basin - often glass-based - before inhalation)”. For all his forced conversions of Hindus to Islam, Aurangzeb has been cursed to be born as a Hindu in all his future life-times. Aurangzeb also poisoned his father, Shah Jahan to death because he was pining for his wife Mumtaz constantly. In this lifetime, his “māmā (which means maternal uncle in most Indian languages)” is the reincarnation of the same man he murdered (Mirza Badi-uz-Zaman Safavi) to marry his daughter (Empress Dilras Banu Begum) and his daughter is the reincarnation of Empress Dilras Banu Begum. He also told me that a dilapidated Rama or Shiva temple was demolished and the Taj Mahal was built in its place.

 In the first week of September 2014, I started having severe pain in one of my teeth and so I went to a dentist who told me that that tooth has to be extracted (removed), because the cavity in it is very deep. I told him that I will come for the extraction of that tooth later and did not get it extracted immediately. That night, I went to a Māramma (Durga) temple, took some neem leaves from the temple, came home, made a mixture of those leaves, turmeric powder and a little water in a mixie, prayed to Goddess Durga, asked Her to heal the pain and the cause of the pain or else I will have to get that tooth extracted, after which it would not be possible to pray to the Gods constantly (like I had been) and applied it to the painful tooth and the part of the gum below it and overnight, the pain disappeared and did not recur again. This shows that divine beings are not only protecting me all the time, but are also providing me intuitive insights and granting me my important wishes.

 My son actually has a “chakra (whorl)” on his back, because I was chanting the “mantra (divine combination of sounds)”, "Om Namo Bhagavatae Vaasudaevaaya", just before he was conceived, when making love to my wife (the “chakra” can be seen here: - I request everyone reading this web page to see that “chakra”). My wife even claims that when she was pregnant, that the foetus (baby) used to dance whenever she heard or attended bhajans, that is, the singing of Hindu devotional songs! After birth, my son was calling his mother, "aiga (pronounced like tiger, minus the "t")" as soon as he was able to speak, which means he was probably speaking Marāthi even in his past life, as only Marāthi speaking people call their mothers, "aiga".

 On 3rd March, 2015, I had gone for an “Arulvaaku (Arulvaaku in Tamil -  a Southern Indian language - is the process by which a devotee invites a Hindu God or Goddess to possess him/her and answer other devotees questions)” during which Goddess Durga said She is happy with my Pooja (Pooja is the process by which a Hindu offers flowers, lights a lamp and incense sticks and prays to a Hindu God or Goddess) and will show up soon and grant me boons I ask for. She told me to read out the "Thripura Sundari sthōthra" and "Lalitha Sahasranāma sthōthra" also, everyday.

 On 26th March, 2015, Lord Vishnu possessed one of my patients again and told me that He is always with me (protecting me), but He is still irritated with me for having killed innumerable people even though they were unarmed in one of my past lives when I was a dacoit. He then told me to visit a Ranganātha Swāmy temple and offer Him fruits, betel leaves and areca nuts. On asking Him which mantra He likes, He also told me to constantly chant “Om Hariye Namaha (pronounced “Ome Hurry-yeah num-uher”)”.

 On 24th April, 2015, God possessed my patient and told my wife to visit Him in my clinic, but she refused to come to my clinic. He then told her that He will come home and that she can offer Him anything with love. He then came home on 28th April, 2015 and had lunch with us. He then advised us not to quarrel. He also said that all my problems are because of my past life sin when I was a dacoit, killing everyone who did not hand over their belongings to me. He also said that these problems will become alright when someone expresses gratitude to me from the bottom of his/her heart.

 I had treated a man for recurrent colds and he was healed completely. Then a year later, on 8th May, 2015, he came and said that his dog (a pug) also gets colds frequently and that he wants some medicine to heal it completely, like how I had healed his recurrent colds. I did not know what to give, as I had not even seen the dog, but I prayed and the name of a medicine came to mind. I gave that medicine and the dog was also healed completely. This shows that the Gods’ are guiding me even in that.

 On 21st July, 2015, early in the morning, a nude, female astral projectionist / ghost came and slept next to me when I had just got out of my body in my sleep (involuntarily) and took my hand in hers and was about to keep it on her waist (or where else, I do not know) when I woke up, realised what was happening and prayed for protection. From 22nd July, 2015, early in the morning, I have been seeing some God or Goddess on the wall next to me, almost daily! I also started finding Rs.10/- notes fallen on the Road, every 3rd or 4th day from then onwards (and I felt I should use it to buy flowers for doing pooja)!

 On 9th August, 2015, God (Lord Vishnu) came to our house for dinner, after informing us before hand. He told my wife to be calm always and to also do all the devotional things she was doing before marriage (that is, doing "japa", fasting every Monday in the month of "Shraavan" and so on)! He also told me to have bath and do pooja with flowers everyday, as He likes to be around me always. I then asked Him if I should avoid doing pooja during the Rahu Kaala and Yamaganda Kaala which Hindus consider inauspicious, but He said that it does not matter and added that Hindus can do pooja whenever they want. He also told me to take good care of my wife and son as that will reduce my past life’s bad "karma".

 On Sunday, the 1st of November, 2015, a girl came to me for treatment and she started telling me her personal problems also - that she is not getting married and that she saw a male ghost and a female ghost in her house while meditating. I prayed and asked for divine guidance and then, suddenly, a man sitting in my clinic started shouting at her that she has been rejecting every proposal her mother thinks is good. I realised it was some divine being speaking through him and then the man said that She is Goddess Kali (pronounced Kaali) and that She had come and told this, only because I asked for divine guidance. Goddess Kāli then told that girl to get lost, but I told her to touch Her feet and ask for forgiveness. I then told the girl to do japa, that is chant any mantra (divine combination of sounds which make Gods happy) constantly and do abhishek of a Shivling daily and Goddess Kāli also told her to do that (She also told her to buy a Shivling made of sphatika). Then that man came home (to the house of Dr. Ramānand) and Lord Vishnu possessed him and started advising my wife and me (advising me more than her). He told me that I have not taken good care of my wife and children in my past lives and so, I must take good care of them, now. My wife, son and father kept complaining and Lord Vishnu kept advising me. I also asked Him to tar the Road from the Lakshmi-Narasimha temple at Sāvanadurga, right upto Māgadi Main Road and He said it will be done in some time (and I observed that it was done the next time I went there). Then, I asked Him to fix some leaking pipes at home (by magic), but He said He will not do all those things (I thought He could do anything!). I also asked Lord Vishnu why He allowed India to get conquered and misruled by foreigners who treated Indians as second class citizens for as long as 800 (1300 if the conquest of Sind is also considered) years (only Shāh Jahān, Jahāngeer  and Jalāluddin Akbar in his adulthood were tolerant and the British were extreme racists, right?) and He said that the rulers of Medieval India were disunited and got conquered because they did not help each other, but it was not by His will that the Indian sub-continent was conquered by foreigners. I then asked if it is true that all His devotees should strictly avoid all non-vegetarian food and He said that His devotees can eat eggs as Sai Baba was also eating non-veg, but killing animals to satisfy our taste-buds is prohibited (I wanted to ask about fish, but did not have the guts to). I then asked about Mōksha - if people can just keep chanting a mantra and come and join and become one with Lord Vishnu (that is according to the advaithas), but He said that it does not happen like that. He then explained that chanting mantras only helps get protection and powers, but based on the Karma of a person, a person continues to be re-born as a Human, animal, bird, insect, worm or ant, if his/her "performance" is unsatisfactory or gets a promotion and keeps on getting promotions till he/she is eligible to become a Lord Vishnu and rule many worlds responsibly, if his/her performance is good. I then asked what we get promoted into, immediately after a Human being if our performance is satisfactory, but He got irritated and told me to first take good care of my wife, child and parents (my guess is we become angels/dēvadooths, gandharvas, dēvas and then a Brahma and then a Vishnu). Lord Vishnu also told me that my serotonin levels are low and so, I should go walking every morning, eat apples and bananas (it seemed like an order and so, I am following it).

 On 4th November, 2015, I prayed to Sai Baba and had an omelette during supper, after 4 long years. Then, on 6th November, 2015, early in the morning, I saw a drawing of Sai Baba on the wall, next to the cot I was sleeping on (He was blessing me)!

 On Monday, 9th November, 2015, Sai Baba used the female attendant (sister-in-law) of a patient who had come home (to the residence of Dr. Ramānand) at 10p.m. as a channel/medium to tell me that all my problems "shall pass" and I should be at peace - he blessed everyone at home at that moment (the patient and his two attendants, my son, wife and me).

 On 17th November, 2015, in the evening, the man who God has been using as a channel to convey messages to me (Dr. Ramānand) called and came home in the evening (at 6p.m.). The moment he came home, God (Lord Vishnu) possessed him and started asking my wife how things are and if I have changed. She replied in the affirmative (that I am walking daily, taking better care of her and so on) and God was happy. I also told Him that I am trying to walk daily, do pooja after bath daily and so on. God gave me further instructions - to play with my son everyday and I will be cured of the O.C.D. problem I have been suffering from, in 6 months, to give gifts to my wife and Goddess Durga will become happy and give me Pratyaksh Darshan (theophany) and so on. I then asked Him to bless me to become a higher divine soul, like an angel/devadooth in my next life and that I do not want to be born as a Human again. He said that an angel/devadooth is supposed to look after at least 50 people and that it is a position of responsibility and so, I must first do things for the people around me, so I asked Him to explain what that meant. Then, He said I can donate some blankets to poor people or in a Hospital (obviously, He meant to the underprivileged patients), for example (I completed that task on the night of 29th November, 2015). I then said that I had already donated food to poor people for 3 months as per His instructions in 2012 and that I am willing to do whatever else He tells me to and so, He should promote me to become a Vishnudooth (angel) immediately after this lifetime. 

 I then said that terrorism has become a big problem worldwide and that so many people are getting killed, but He cut me off mid-sentence and said (and I quote), "the world is on the verge of the dawn of a new era (what Hindus call Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga) and all those who are not eligible to make it to the new age are being eliminated and in about a hundred years all those ineligible to be humans in that Yuga will be eliminated by terrorist attacks, riots, road traffic accidents, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts, famines and other calamities and the cleansing process has already started." I then said that some religions are extremely fanatic and intolerant of others (please read the matter at to understand that) and He said that no religion was like that in the beginning, but in course of time, due to misinterpretation, they have become like that. I then asked if the world is going to end and if there is going to be a "doomsday", but He said that no such thing will happen and that there will be a slow transition and in the new age (Sathya Yuga), the people who are ineligible to be Humans will be reborn as lower animals. Some people have been asking me what they can do in order to avoid being reborn as lower animals in the new age (Sathya Yuga/Kritha Yuga). The answer is simple - be humble and compassionate, stop lying, cheating, being dishonest, be charitable (donate blankets, food, money etc.) to the needy (especially beggars), do social service, avoid adultery, avoid alcohol, non-veg (however, God has said that if we pray and offer egg containing foodstuffs to an ascended master who used to eat non-veg during his lifetime in this world - like Sai Baba or Jesus, it is okay) and pray or chant God’s name (Hindus can chant mantras - they are more powerful) as much as possible. I chant divine mantras constantly and so, divine beings keep helping me, protecting me and even make miracles happen in my life!

 On 10th December, 2015, I called the man who the Gods and Goddesses have been using as a channel to give me messages. Then, God (Lord Vishnu) started talking to me through him. I then asked if I should avoid egg containing foodstuffs on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, like other Hindus. He then said that I can eat egg containing foodstuffs if I like, but Humans are supposed to be vegetarians!

 On 17th January, 2016, God again possessed a patient He has been using as a channel to convey messages to me and  told me to donate biscuits or chocolates to poor, married women and I completed that task the next day at the "Abhayaashram" in fourth cross Wilson Garden, Bangalore, India.

 The Gods have spoken or worked miracles in innumerable people’s lives, but only a few people have written about it. I plan to write an auto-biography after I get prathyaksh darshan (theophany) of Goddess Durga and Lord Vishnu - they have promised to give me prathyaksh darshan soon; Goddess Durga has in fact, said that She will give me prathyaksh darshan in whatever form I like, soon. I warmly recommend the book series, "Conversations with God", by Neale Donald Walsch for people who want answers from the Gods immediately - Neale has covered almost every answer one may be seeking (except for how to get boons).

 On 23rd February, 2016, I went to meet the man who the Gods have been using as a medium/channel to give me messages again. Then, I bought a tofu (panneer) and cheese burger and chocolate pastry, prayed to the Gods and Sai Baba and offered it to the Gods and Sai Baba through him. Then, Sai Baba possessed him and asked me to come to his temple, after which Lord Krishna/Vishnu possessed him and told me to be conscious and live in the present moment, to do pooja with flowers everyday and to re-read chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 of the Bhagavad Geetha (and follow it). The gist of those chapters is that one should worship the Gods constantly (Hindus can do , "japa", "pooja", "bhajan", "keerthan", "dhyaana" and "archana") and invoke the  Gods and offer them whatever we are about to give or donate to others or are about to eat or drink, before actually giving away or donating what we intend to give away or donate or eating or drinking what we intend to eat or drink.

 On 9th March, 2016, I went to meet the man who the Gods have been using as a medium/channel to give me messages, again. Then, I bought a North Indian, vegetarian Thaali meal, prayed to the Gods and Sai Baba and offered it to the Gods and Sai Baba through him. Then, Lord Krishna/Vishnu possessed him and asked me what I want. Then I told Him that I was wearing an emerald ring and I have lost it, but I want it back. I also told Him that my wife is quarreling with me. He then told me not to worry about the emerald ring for now, as He is always with me. He also said that from now on, I can see Him in His real form if I try. Then, He told me to put "dhoop" and flowers all over the House once a week. He also told me to avoid talking to my wife as much as possible as she has become extremely dominating and that she will remain like that for at least 6 months. Then, I told Him that in most Hindu functions, other than if it is a buffet, we are made to sit in a line and served many food items one after the other and it is difficult to offer each of those to the Gods everytime and He said that generally, it is best to serve all that there is to eat and offer it to the Gods all at once, but if that is not possible, one can just offer what is served first and not bother to offer what is served subsequently! I then asked Him when, where and how I can see Him, but did not get an answer. Then, I said that I want Him to answer my questions correctly everytime I ask Him as a guide by imagining He is standing in front of me in my meditation Hall, during meditation and He said it is not possible to answer my questions everytime, but if I ask Him with a calm mind (He used the word, "nishchal mann", which in most Indian languages means calm, relaxed mind), He will answer me correctly. I then said that I have observed that some people have used the word, "yōgihrudhyānagamyam" and others have used the word, "yōgibhirdhyānagamyam" in different publications of the "Vishnu Sahasranaama" and so, I want to know what the correct word is and He said, "yōgihrudhyaanagamyam"is the correct word. I wanted to ask a couple of more questions, but God left that person’s body (who He was using as a channel/medium), leaving me to ponder on how, when and where I can see Him in His real form.

 On 18th March, 2016, I went for an "Arulvaaku" again.  During the Arulvaaku, I told Goddess Durga that my wife wants me to shift my clinic and the Goddess told me that my wife is imposing different conditions at different times due to anxiety/restlessness, that She will do something about my wife’s arrogance and that I should not worry about that. She said that I should wait for 3 months as the time is bad right now to do anything new. She also said that She is looking after my clinic. She also told me to keep reading the Lalitha Sahasranaama daily. She also told me to contribute towards the Chandi Hōma the following month at the Karumaariyamman temple at Mahālakshmi Layout in Bangalore, India.

 On 29th March, 2016, I went for an "Arulvaaku" again.  During the Arulvaaku, I asked Goddess Durga if She will give me darshan and grant me the boons I ask for after the "Chandi Hōma" and She replied, "yes, I will".  On that day, I had also taken a Muslim man who complained that he has a burning sensation in his abdomen and medicines give him only temporary relief and Goddess Durga told him to take "vibhoothi" from Her temple, mix it with tender coconut water and drink that daily for a couple of days and he will be healed. 

 On 27th April, 2016, I participated in the Chandi Hōma conducted by the Karumāriyamma Temple in Mahālakshmi Layout. I am now waiting for the Gods (first Goddess Durga and then Lord Vishnu) to give me "prathyaksh darshan" and grant me the boons I ask for. Lord Vishnu had said in November 2015 that my O.C.D. problem would be set right in 6 months, so I believe I will get prathyaksh darshan this month, that is in May 2016 and all my problems will be set right.

 On 19th May, 2016, I went to meet the man who the Gods have been using as a medium/channel to give me messages, again. Then, I bought a North Indian, vegetarian Thaali meal, prayed to the Gods and Sai Baba and offered it to the Gods and Sai Baba through him. Then, Lord Krishna/Vishnu possessed him and told me to go to a Durga temple every Tuesday and Friday and ask the Goddess for whatever I want. On asking if I need to go to a Hanumaan temple also, He said that temples are powerful, positive energy centres and so, I should go to a Hanumān/Māruthi temple as well as a "Shani" temple, once a week. He also told me to light a sesame seed oil lamp in the Shani temple. Then I asked Him about why a child had stopped responding to my treatment and He told me to change her medicine and give her medicine for depression and that it will heal her main complaint of itching also. He also told me to offer Him and decorate Him with oleander flowers during pooja. I also told Him that my relatives were purposely dirtying the steps leading to my clinic and He told me to do an, "ashtadigbandhana" pooja twice a week to prevent it from happening again. I then started going to a Durga temple every Tuesday and Friday and kept asking the Goddess whatever I wanted and about 3 weeks later, I learnt that the relatives who were quarrelling with me frequently and dirtying the steps leading to my clinic were shifting out and moving to a Flat they had newly bought (they finally moved out completely on 4th August, 2016), my wife who was sleeping separately, started co-operating for love making (and letting me hug her) and the person who was stealthily deflating my car tyre every night had a stroke, his left arm and leg got paralysed and he has stopped deflating my car tyre.

 On 5th June, 2016, I had gone to a Hanumaan temple and got late to reach my clinic. By then, one of my patients had parked his bike in the  compound in which my clinic is situated, but where my neighbouring relatives do not allow my patients to park. Then, when I got to the clinic these relatives started quarrelling with me and even wanted to assault and batter me, but I started praying and they suddenly calmed down and stopped quarrelling!

 On 14th June, 2016, I went to meet the man who the Gods have been using as a medium/channel to give me messages, again. Then, I bought a "bisibaelaebhaath", a meal indigenous to Karnataka (one of the states in Southern India), prayed to the Gods and Sai Baba and offered it to the Gods and Sai Baba through him. I then asked some questions. Then, after a long wait, Lord Krishna/Vishnu possessed him and told me that my OCD problem will take another 6-8 months to get cured because of past life deeds. He also said that my wife should re-start the japa and pooja that she was doing before marriage and only then will she find peace, but on telling Him that it is pretty unlikely that she will start doing all that again, He said that I have to do "archana" in her name at a Shiva Temple every Monday. He also told me that the astral projectionist (who is troubling me) and his family should be sent some love, by visualisation and he will stop troubling me after that, but it will take another couple of years. He also told me to do meditation and some walking everyday. He also complained that I am not charitable and so, I asked if I can do "anna daana" to poor people, that is feeding poor people and He replied in the affirmative.

 On 26th July, 2016, a small monkey entered our apartment, stole a carrot and went back out of the window, despite the window having grills. Elderly Hindus say that that is an auspicious sign (they say that Lord Hanumaan is going to do something good for us soon) - let us see what happens! Something like that had happened before in about January 2010, after which we bought an apartment in February 2010 and that is why I believe that something good is going to happen even now!

 On 7th August, 2016, the man the Gods and Goddesses are using as a medium/channel to convey messages to me developed itching all over his body (probably because Goddess Durga wanted him to call me) and called me and Goddess Durga possessed him and told me to make and distribute sugar based sweet "pongal", a meal indigenous to Tamil Naadu and Karnataka (two of the states in Southern India) in Her temple on the coming Tuesday and ask for whatever I want from the bottom of my heart, which task I completed on 9th August, 2016. She also told me to do a "parikrama"/"pradakshina" - that is, to go around (something), praying (to it) - of a peepul tree, as well as "pradakshanay" of "naagara kallu", that is, in Kannada (the language spoken in Karnataka), "snake idols", probably because that Sunday, 7th August, 2016, was what Hindus call, "naag panchami". On 15th August, 2016, I got delayed to go to the Shiva temple I visit regularly, but I observed the peepul tree and "naagara kallu", just outside it and did the "pradakshaney" of it. Earlier that day, I also happened to buy and read Paramahansa Yogananda’s book titled, "How you can talk with God" in which he says that one needs to ask God to talk to him/her with great fervour, constantly and the request will be granted (I was probably lead to buy that book due to divine guidance). The Gods speak to me because I am doing "japa" of a couple of "manthra"s constantly.

 On 19th August, 2016, I called the man the Gods and Goddesses are using as a medium/channel to convey messages to me and Goddess Durga possessed him and told me to donate sweet pongal or curd rice at Her temple, preferably sweet pongal and my wife will be even more happy with me. She also told me to donate something in my wife’s name. She also told me to spend some time in Her temple, which I presently do not (I just pray and come out). She also said that She wants me to cover Her idol in the temple with orange flowers - I thought She probably wants a garland of Marigold. The next day, I asked about it in the Temple and they said that they do not use the Marigold, but I can give them a garland of orange roses to put on the idol of Goddess Durga there. On 26th August, 2016, a Friday, I woke up early, went and bought orange roses, got someone to make a garland of it and gave it in the Temple, but the priest said that it is small and kept it at the feet of the idol of Goddess Durga. I then asked the priest if he will buy the flowers, make a garland and put it on the idol if I give him some money and he agreed. On 31st August, 2016, I paid him some money to do the needful, which he did on the morning of 2nd September, 2016.

 On 26th August, 2016, I took a Christian lady whose elder daughter had problems with her husband for an, "arulvaaku". At the "arulvaaku", Goddess Durga said that her daughter has a "Raahu dōsha" and told her to tell her daughter to make 18 lamps out of lemon peels, fill it with "ghee"/clarified butter, light it and do an "aarathi" of Her idol in any of Her temples for 9 weeks. She also told her to tell her daughter to visit any of Her temples for 21 weeks and then She will set right her family problems. Then, just after the "arulvaaku", another lady also told her to take neem leaves and "vibhoothi" from the temple, add turmeric and water to it, grind all together, make a paste of it and apply it to the parts on her body having the eczema (I did not know that she had an eczema till then, but thought it may be a divine intention to keep that a secret from me or else I would have wanted to treat that eczema which many doctors have failed to cure) in the night and wash it off during bath the next morning, for 48 days. I believe that only Hinduism has ways to get "moksha (liberation from the death and re-birth cycle)", heal "Raahu dōsha", "Ketu/Kaethu dōsha", "Shani dōsha", "Sarpa dōsha", witchcraft and problems with astral projectionists effectively - only Hindus know about "vaasthu", "Raahu shaanthi", "Brihaspati/Guru shaanthi", "Mangal shaanthi", "Budha shaanthi", "Shukra shaanthi", "Navagraha shaanthi", "Mruthyunjaya shaanthi", the method of capturing astral projectionists and ghosts and so on.

 On 2nd September, 2016, I had gone for an "Arulvaaku" again and beseecheed Goddess Durga that "Kali Yuga" is coming to an end and almost all humans are going to be eliminated and so, She must grant me "mōksha". She then said that She will end "Kali Yuga" only when the time comes for it and that 9 planetary and 27 astrological combinations should fall in place for that. I then asked Her again to grant me "mōksha" and She said She will.

 On 14th October, 2016, I went to an "Āshram" where people were being told their future through their "Ākāshic records" and after asking some questions, I got these answers: 1. That I will get "mōksha (liberation from the death and re-birth cycle)" in this life-time itself, 2. That I will be able to take quick decisions after 2 more weeks and 3. That I will get "darshan" of Goddess Durga in about 6-7 years.

 On 22nd November, 2016, I went for an, "arulvaaku" again. At the "arulvaaku", I asked Goddess Durga to help me get back my lost emerald ring and that I had invested in some shares and stocks in the share market and I want to profit from it. However, She said that I was made to lose the emerald ring in order to save my life (I believe that the astral projectionist who has been trying to kill me was allowed to steal it, so that his mind will at least temporarily get diverted from his agenda of killing me) and that I was destined to lose money in some way at this moment, but that She will help me recover the losses (that I incur in the share market) soon.

 On 12th December, 2016, early in the morning, which was going to be celebrated as "Hanumān Jayanthi" by Hindus, I saw Lord Narasimha standing next to me and felt that He wanted to say something to me and so, I called the man the Gods and Goddesses are using as a medium/channel to convey messages to me and Lord Vishnu told me through him to call or go to a Home for the Aged and ask what they would like to be donated to them and donate whatever I am asked to. I then called the "Āsha Jeevan Home for the Aged Trust", after seeing their web-site, and asked what they would like me to donate. They told me to donate groceries, but I insisted that I want to go around donating something myself and then they told me to donate cotton blankets. Then, on 22nd, December, 2016, I went to that "Home for the Aged" and donated cotton blankets to all the inmates, personally (there is a page created on Facebook showing me donating the blankets and I will give the link to anyone who asks for it).

 I had developed a backache and was suffering from it for sometime. On 26th March, 2017, I went for an, "arulvaaku" again - this time, at a village off the Nelamangala Highway (Bangalore to Tumkur Highway). At the "arulvaaku", I asked Goddess Kāli (the deity of that temple) to help me get back my lost money. She then promised that She will help me get back whatever money I have lost and healed my backache as well. The next morning, I saw Goddess Kāli standing next to me with the garland of skulls around Her neck, but I got scared, turned away and slept.

 Sai Baba called me to Shirdi through a medium/channel and we went there via Punē, by a flight, setting out on 10th April, 2017. On the way back from Shirdi to Punē, we visited an "Ashtavināyak" temple at Rānjangāon. From Pune, we went to Mahābaleshwar also, but on the way, we were stopped by the traffic police as a portion of the Road was damaged due to a landslide - part of the Road had fallen off and the cab driver wanted to cut short the trip to Mahābaleshwar, but I prayed to Lord Mahābaleshwar (Shiva) that we want to visit His temple and then, after some time, the police showed us an alternative route we could use. We also visited a "Jyōthirling", at the "Bheemāshankar" temple near Pune, uneventfully. I am continuing to get divine assistance. For example, my wife is short tempered and constantly quarrels with me - on 19th May, 2016, Lord Vishnu had told me to go and complain at a "Māramma" temple every Tuesday and Friday about her and now things are better. Whenever we have a family function and she (my wife) refuses to attend it, I go and tell Goddess Durga again in the temple and then she (my wife) will not only attend the function, but also sit next to me and remain calm throughout the function!

 On 2nd July, 2017, I had an urge to call the man who the Gods and Goddesses are using as a medium/channel to convey messages to me and Lord Vishnu possessed him and told me that I am a victim of witchcraft and that I should come to a Krishna Temple as soon as possible. I then went to a Temple of Lord Krishna on 4th July 2017 which was, "Aashaada Ekaadashi". I also went to a Sri Lakshmi-Narasimha Temple 2 days later, that is on 6th July, 2017 and got a talisman tied around my neck.

 On 7th July, 2017, a Friday, a neighbour asked if I was interested in coming to an, "Arulvaaku" at a place 100 kilometres away from Bangalore, near Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu. I then went to a Durga temple that night and asked  whether I should go there to the deity of the temple, "Maaramma" by pendulum dowsing and She replied in the affirmative. I then went for the, "Arulvaaku" to that "Sendhiamma" Temple near Krishnagiri and they told me that I am still a victim of the witchcraft and gave me a talisman and wrote something on a copper plate, framed it in a photo frame and gave it to me to keep at home and do "pooja" to. I was also asked to come on the next full moon day, that is on 23rd July, 2017 for an "arulvaakku" again and on that day I asked when I will start making  profit from the share market and was told that it will start soon, that somebody I know will come and talk about it and help me start making a profit from the share market in the "Aavani" month, which according to the Tamil calender, starts on 16th August, 2017. I also asked when the man who had issued me a cheque which bounced and is absconding will get arrested and was told that it will happen in August itself, which really happened! On 22nd July, 2017, Goddess "Sendhiyamma" gave me darshan, early in the morning as a young bride, with Her "ghoonghat" / "pallu" covering Her forehead slightly, loosely (She was looking down and smiling, shyly)! She also gave me darshan as a drawing, in Her 8 armed form, a few days later, early in the morning.

 On 8th July, 2017, a Saturday, the man who the Gods and Goddesses have been using as a medium/channel to convey messages to me, called me and Lord Hanumān possessed him and told me that I had promised Him something and have forgotten about it. I asked what I had forgotten, but He said, "never mind" and that I should just go to a Raam-Aanjaneya temple and get the priest there to offer bananas to the deities there and distribute it as "prasād" to the devotees who come there on 6th September, 2017, a full moon day.

 On 6th September, 2017, my wife graciously made the "rasāyana" of bananas, coconuts and jaggery, the priests at the the 10th cross, Wilson Garden, Ganesha-Rām-Ānjaneya temple kept it for "naivedya" and the Lord made me distribute that "prasād" to His devotees who came there, after which I called the man who the Gods and Goddesses have been using as a medium/channel to convey messages to me and Lord Vishnu possessed him and told me that the "prasād" has "reached" Him. The Lord then told me to do "annadāna" every 3-4 days, after having bath.

 On 2nd October 2017, I went for an "arulvaakku" by Lord Ganesha. At this place, the priest and his accomplice were carrying an idol of Lord Ganesha and Lord Ganesh was writing either questions or answers to our queries invisibly, which only the priest there could decipher and Lord Ganesha asked if I can do the pooja for the Gods in the morning as I am now doing it very late in the night at the moment and I said, "yes". Then I asked what I should say in the evidence stage of my cheque bounce case as I would be cross examined by the advocate of the accused party and He told me to say whatever my advocate tells me to in the court. Then I asked about getting rid of the problems by the astral projectionist and He told me to go to "Shringeri" and do the "charan pooja" of the mathādhipathi (head of the Aashram) there, that is to wash his feet and do pooja. Then I asked about medicine selection for patients when not sure and He said that I can ask the heavenly mother, that is Goddess Durga for such answers. A little later, I realized that it would be difficult to do the pooja for the Gods due to my clinic schedule in the mornings and so, I went and asked again if I can do it later in the day and latest by what time and then He seemed to ponder a while, ask somebody (probably Goddess Durga) and then tell me that I can do it within 7:30 p.m. everyday, after a bath.

 On 10th October 2017, in the morning, a muslim lady brought her daughter to me and said that she drags her feet while walking and cannot lift her feet. I said that there may be some past life problem due to which she is unable to lift her feet and did a past life regression for the daughter and then she started describing a house which she had never seen before, but in which her parents used to live in before she was born, when her mother was pregnant and then she described that her father was killing snakes in that past life regression (although it was a time just before her birth in this lifetime) and I realised that she had a "sarpadosha". Then I told her to go to  a Subrahmanya temple at "KukkeSubrahmanya" to clear that "sarpadosha". However,  I later learnt that she went to a muslim "Āmil" to get rid of it and when he could not and the ghosts of those "snakes" attacked him, he has diverted them to this lady (the mother of the girl with the "sarpadosha") and she was killed.

 On  11th October 2017, the man who the Gods and Goddesses use as a medium/channel to give me instructions called me and said that Goddess Durga has complained that I am doing Pooja without devotion and I realised that I have been rushing through my Pooja to meet the 7:30 p.m deadline (sometimes, I would have finished the pooja earlier in order to go and see the patients who had appointments) and resolved to do my Pooja with greater devotion.

 On 16th October 2017, I went for the Arulvaaku by Lord Ganesha again and He said that I was told to do the pooja within 7:30 p.m. but I am not doing it within the deadline and told me to do the pooja within 7:30 p.m. I then told Lord Ganesh that I have been suffering from loose motions which I have been controlling with medicines and that I want to stop taking medicines for it and be healed naturally and was given some "vibhoothi" at the Ganesha arulvaaku and told to buy some  "vibhoothi"  from outside also, get a priest at a Shiva temple to keep that in front of the "Shivaling" there, ask Lord Shiva to bless it and then mix it with the  "vibhoothi"  given at the Ganapathi arulvaaku, mix it with the water I drink thrice a day and take it after meals and the loose motions are cured with it (I stopped taking medicines for it)!

 On 28th October, 2017, we (wife, son and me) visited Sringeri to do the "charan pooja" of Sri Bhārathi teertha Swamiji, the "mathaadipathi" of the Shringeri "matha", but were made to do the "pooja" of his Guru’s golden "pādukē (slippers)" as only that was allowed. We also wanted to visit the Manjunāthaswamy temple at Dharmasthala nearby but had to cancel it as the Prime Minister was visiting it and it was closed for other devotees from 2 p.m. on 28th October, 2017 to 5 p.m. on 29th October, 2017. We then fed the fishes in the Tunga river under the bridge of the "matha" some biscuits and visited the "RushiShringeri" temple and "Sirimanē" falls nearby instead of going to Dharmasthala.

 On 12th November, 2017, a Sunday, early in the morning, I saw an animated drawing of Sooryadēv (the Sun God) - He came in from the Eastern wall of my bedroom in a chariot drawn by 7 horses, which was flying above my cot, a little below the level of my feet and disappeared once He was a little below my feet, just below the roof (He was like a drawing of a ball with lines around, representing Sun-rays with His face drawn on the "Sun").

 On 20th November 2017, I went for the Arulvaaku by Lord Ganesha again and complained that I have trusted people and lost all my money and want Him to tell me a mantra I can chant to get back my lost money and He told me to chant the "Gāyathri mantra" constantly. Then I told Him that I have developed a fungal infection which is not getting healed with normal ointments and He told me to take some "vibhoothi" from that temple and apply some of it on my forehead and on the affected parts every night and wash it off the next day, during bath.

 On 22nd November 2017, I again found a Rs.10/- note lying on the street. I knew it was by the intention of divine beings and picked it up, then wrote three options on my hand, the first being, "give it to a beggar", the second being, "buy flowers for pooja with it" and the third being to do, "annadāna" with it and dowsed with a pendulum over it and got the answer that I should do "annadāna" with it. Co-incidentally I saw a beggar begging for food from a hotel, but the hotel people were not giving him anything - then I went there and bought him a plate of vegetable "pulāo" for Rs.25/- and used that note I had just found on the street also to pay for it.

 On 5th December, 2017, I went for an arulvāku at the Karumāriamma temple at Mahālakshmi Layout again. During the arulvaaku, Goddess Durga told me to read out the "Vishnu sahasranāma" every Saturday, the "Lalitha sahasranāma" every Friday and visit an Ānjaneya/Hanumān temple every Sunday. She also said that the way I think keeps changing. She also said that divine beings are helping and protecting me only because I am constantly worshipping them with devotion. She then told me to drink the "thrikāla pooja kashāya" which would be given at that temple the following week and that it will set right all my health problems. On asking Her what to do about my fungal infection, She told me to use ant-hill mud for it.

 On 27th December 2017, I called the man who the Gods and Goddesses use as a medium/channel to give me instructions and asked if Lord Vishnu wants to say anything to me and he then told me to meet him in Rājarājeshwarinagar in Bangalore, India. Then I took him to a Café Coffee Day outlet, asked him what he wanted and then, bought a "samosa" and chocolate milk shake, offered it to the Gods and let him "feast" on it. Then, after some time, God (Lord Vishnu) possessed him and said that He had come there to answer some questions that were bothering me. Then, I asked Him to help me get my mother to not vacate a room of my clinic that my maternal uncle wanted me to vacate, which my mother was willing to, but which I was not willing to (that "property" has been allowed to be used by her, by her father, according to his will - the will he wrote just before his death) and he told me to do a "kalasha pooja" for my mother becoming smart enough to not vacate that room. He then said that I should go to a Narasimha temple every 3 weeks as the next 6 months will be less lucky. He also told me to distribute what is called, "kaesaribhaath" in Kannada, "ksheerā" in marāthi and sanskrit (the  language of the Gods) and "suji kā halvā" in Hindi at a Rām-Ānjanaeya temple sometime (I later dowsed with a pendulum and asked if I could do that at a Narasimhaswāmy temple instead, got an affirmative answer and completed that task at a Narasimhaswāmy temple on 2nd January, 2018). Then I asked if I should buy a new emerald ring and He said that rings will help me improve my luck by just 15%, but if I want, I can buy an emerald ring and a yellow sapphire ring and wear them. I then requested Him to do something about terrorism by people claiming to be muslims/moslems (it is condemned even by Islam and so, terrorists are not accepted as muslims by moderate/rational moslems) as it has become a huge problem and He replied that I should not worry about it and that it is just one of many different types of cleansing processes to eliminate the Humans who are ineligible to make it to the new age, "Sathya Yuga". Then I asked if Hindus are going to be wiped out first, as muslims consider Hindus to be Kāfirs (to understand that term, please read the matter at - people who should be killed or converted forcibly to Islām and He said that this elimination will be irrespective of religion or community. I had asked God earlier why some religions are extremely fanatic and intolerant of others and He had said that no religion was like that in the beginning, but in course of time, due to misinterpretation (the Quran got corrupted in the 7th century itself and now contains verses which asks muslims to kill or forcibly convert non-muslims to Islam), they have become like that, which means it is extremely wrong that terrorists are killing people in the name of religion (we are observing that terrorists all over the world do get killed finally - ISIS/ISIL, Osama bin Laden, Ajmal Kasab and so on)! God had already told me that all the Humans ineligible to live after "Kali Yuga" gets over will be eliminated by different methods and I have mentioned what one needs to do to avoid unnatural death above - please click here to go back there and read that again.

 On 2nd January, 2018, early in the morning, Lord Kārthikeya / Subramanya Swāmy gave me darshan, next to my cot - however, I could only see His silhouette and He appeared to be just the height of a 12 year old boy; He was probably Lord Bālamurugan.

 On 10th January, 2018, early in the morning, I saw 7 white horses and a chariot on the side of my cot, coming in from the East. I thought there was not enough space and looked upwards at the roof. Then the whole chariot flew into my bed-room with a  ball of light in the chariot, which I believe was the Sun God, who I asked some boons from!

 On 14th January, 2018, I went to buy a Vishnu Sahasranaama printed in Hindi, as the English version was not helping me pronounce the words in it correctly from the Bangalore branch of the Gītā press, Gorakhpur, but unfortunately, they had re-located. Then I prayed to God to help me locate it and as I came out of that particular cross where it used to be located at, I bumped into 2 people who were speaking Hindi, who said that they were employees of that press itself and gave me directions to go there!

 On 22nd January 2018, I went for the Arulvaaku by Lord Ganesha again. Then, when I bowed for blessings, Lord Ganesh assaulted me through His idol and wrote something. Then, the priest who could read it said that Lord Ganesh had told me to write a mantra 21 times a day in a notebook which I had not. However, I protested that I was never told to write any mantra. Then, I was given a notebook and told to write the mantra, "Om Shree Vallabhaamba Shakthi Mahāganapathiyē namaha", 21 times everyday in that notebook. I already had good results by chanting that "mantra" - it was controlling the gas in my upper abdomen, the loose motions, stopped people from quarreling with me and even giving me good erections when needed, probably because Lord Ganapathi/Ganesh is the Lord and controller of the root/moolādhārā chakra!

 On 30th January, 2018, I had gone for an "Arulvaaku" again and complained that I am not getting patients to Goddess Kaali and She gave me a lemon to break in front of the clinic, which supposedly removes the "drishti/nazar", another lemon to keep in front of the Gods photos to which I do "pooja" to, in a visible way, another lemon which I should cut in half and squeeze each half into the water I would be bathing with on 2 consecutive days and 4 lemons which I should cut in half and use each half everyday for making and drinking sugarless lime juice, to which I must add wheat grass, basil (tulasi) leaves, bael (bilva) leaves, one neem leaf, jeera / cumin and salt, after boiling everything together. I then complained that my son is not studying well and She intuitively said, "yes and he has even got 2 marks less than what he should have got in mathematics (that is, 2 marks less than the minimum)" and gave me another lemon which I was supposed to cut in half and squeeze half into the water he would be bathing with and use the other half for making sugarless lime juice, to which I must add jeera/cumin and salt, which he was supposed to drink after boiling everything together. I also complained that my wife is quarrelsome and because she is not getting patients, she is stressed and then Goddess Kāli gave me another lemon for my wife to keep with her at all times and another lemon which I was supposed to cut in half and squeeze half into the water she would be bathing in and use the other half for making sugarless lime juice, to which I must add jeera/cumin and salt, which she was supposed to drink after boiling everything together. Someone at the temple gave me a tip that the lemon should be squeezed and mixed into that "juice" just before drinking it to make it less sour, which I found to be a fact!

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